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Devil May Cry 4 - Trish and Lady by Matosauce
Devil May Cry 4 - Trish and Lady
Throwback Cosfest2013 /o/ Mannnn we really need to shoot this soon.

Lady >>>>> :iconmatosauce:
Trish >>>>> :iconamydakota:

Photo by TH.
Devil May Cry - Wish you were here. by Matosauce
Devil May Cry - Wish you were here.
Dante >>>>> :iconmatosauce:
Vergil >>>>> :iconjokerofmanipulation:

Photo thanks : :icondata-ronin:
Awesome helper : :iconsherara:

Throwback Christmas! I have explosion of DMC feels and couldn't resist the urge to edit some raw photos !! >< Thanks Emily for being my DMC partner and making my dream cosplans come true ! Thanks Data and Shera for your precious time to make this possible ! We had lots of fun fooling around instead of shooting actually BAHAHAHA.


Matosauce's Profile Picture
Eriza Aya
My favourite series: Jormungand/DRRR!!/Fairy Tail/DevilMayCry/Resident Evil/Shadow Hearts/Metal Gear Solid

Started cosplaying since early 2011.Working on costumes and props.

.:: WorldCosplay ::.
Heya ! It's been a week since Cosfest , and I'm back to my usual life of rushing assignments and projects. God, I'm so busy and tired as heck. OTL

This year's Cosfest had left a great impact in my life. I met many new friends, bonded with a few overseas cosplayers, and also managed to cosplay something that is totally out of my comfort zone.

Day 1 - I was Lady from Devil May Cry 4. Vashi ,as my awesome Dante, and :iconamydakota:,as my sassy Trish. It was a fun experience cosplaying with overseas cosplayers ! //w// A big thankyou to Vashi for coming down to Singapore to cosplay with us, and Yumi for agreeing to the plan even though Trish is practically out of your comfort zone ! I love you guys ! I love my DMC4 team ! Thankyou for making my big fat dream come true !! Also, we've got featured by Studio Omoshiroi… ! It was also one of my big fat dreams to be included in his video works !! Do check out his productions, they are really inspiring for cosplayers as well as photographers ! Thankyou Xan for dragging us to Studio Omoshiroi-san ! And never to forget the assistance from :iconsherara:,:iconjokerofmanipulation:, my aunt and dad for assisting me with this cosplay !<3 

Day 2 - I was cosplaying as Child Soldier Jack/Raiden from Metal Gear Solid series. It was inspired by a fan art. Thankyou :icondata-ronin: for lending me a rifle and giving infos about child soldiers ! Portraying a soldier was really an exciting experience for me !! I can somehow relate to the feeling Jack was having when he was young. Let's just say i really pity him a lot, was so proud of him as you watched him grew into a man in Metal Gear Rising. Cyborg Raiden is so cool !! >v<b Also,it was my first experience cosplaying with :iconkeruuu:. Originally, my plan wasn't child soldier Jack, but due to some change in plans, i have to solo on Day 2. Fortunately, I learnt that Kelton was going to cosplay tuxedo Raiden on Day 2, so we ended up cosplaying together as Raidens !! XD Thanks for taking care of me my future self ! Kelton really treated me like a younger brother/sister *coughs*. Had a stealthy mini shoot at the event with Zhirong ! Photos will be uploaded once i get the pictures from Kelton ! 83

In a nutshell, Cosfest was a blast for me.I am really very thankful to the people who lend me a helping hand, your efforts really benefitted me so much i can't thank you guys enough. Looking forward to the upcoming AFA !

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